Change your life, do something out of ordinary!

Today I would like to ask everyone reading my blog to do an act that is out of the ordinary for you.  Maybe even do something the opposite of how you usually do it (but please, don’t hit the reverse and drive back down the street).  I will do it myself as well.  Sometimes throwingRead More

ABC of Job Interviews

Q is for Qualifications You might need to take evidence of your qualifications with you. It might be possible to get copies of certificates, for instance, if you’ve lost them but it could take a while. R is for Rivals The other interviewees are your rivals but, if there’s more than one job, also yourRead More


Roommates and Dormmates = Friends for all of College

Establishing long-lasting relationships and friendships with people who live in your freshman dorm is one of the most important aspects of the beginning of college. The people you meet freshman year should ideally become the best friends you hang out with throughout college. This goes for meeting girls and guys. But, I already know peopleRead More


Learn how to build a healthy self-esteem

All men do not dream of being extraordinary but without self-esteem these men could not even claim to be regarded as ordinary! We all go through times when the image we have of ourselves, the esteem that we acquire for ourselves are abused. These times, everyone knows them and is not so much the knowledgeRead More

Quarantine (2008)

Director: John Erick Dowdle Cast: Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez, Columbus Short, Greg Germann, Steve Harris, Dania Ramirez, with Rade Sherbedgia and Johnathon Schaech. Quarantine is a horror film that brings The Blair Witch Project and Dawn Of the Dead into one exciting movie. The movie starts with Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter, The Exorcism of EmilyRead More

A Hard Look At Dental Assistant School

A dental assistant works closely with a professional dentist to assist them in every way. In fact, the dentist relies quite heavily on a dental assistant to take care of more routine tasks so that they can focus on more complex cases and procedures. There is a great demand in this profession. Getting a degreeRead More